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You may contact me personally to acquire answers to your questions: mjd@missouriestateplanning.info


I will reply to your questions by sending you a return email which will include a brief review and answer to your concerns. There is no charge for such service. If your question requires formal legal advice you may wish to set up a meeting at my office or seek the advice of an Attorney of your choice.




Legal Fees


Consultations: The legal fee charged for all consultations in my office is currently $250.00 (flat fee) and is due at the time of the consultation.


Per Hour Fee: In addition, my per hour fee for various types of representation is $25o.00 per hour. The flat fee charged for various estate plans is set forth in this website under the Documents page.






Missouri State Government


Missouri Secretary of State


Missouri Department of Revenue


Missouri Unclaimed Property


Missouri Revised Statutes


Missouri Beneficiary Deed


Missouri Durable Power of Attorney


Missouri Estate Planning Forms


Missouri Family Law


St. Louis County Real Property Fraud Alert Program


St. Louis County Older Residents Programs (CORP)


Federal & State Government Benefits and Assistance Programs


Veterans Benefits (VA)


National Do-Not-Call Registry


Credit Freeze




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